Phone is Samsung Infuse 4G with Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4). On a few recent occasions when I check it in the morning, I find that it's powered off. I start it up again, and it shows plenty of battery charge (75% or more). Is there a log or something that I can look at that would explain why it has shut down?


Well, it's well known problem for Samsung phones and tablets:

Read carefully: http://androidforums.com/threads/randomly-turning-off.312084/

One of possible solution (cited from above post):

I found another workaround, turning off sleep mode. Maybe there are easier ways to do it, but i did it like this:

(copied the instructions from another forum):

  • Download and install a free app Load Monitor.
  • Under its preferences check the following on...
  • Add Notification, Only notify high load, Auto start, and most importantly Wake Lock.

The wake lock prevents the phone from going into sleep mode, now i'm already 24 hours without shutdowns. I also set the update interval to 2 hours for the Load monitor, so it doesn't bug me often.

The downside must be battery consumption, i assume that the sleep mode does save up some juice. But at the moment i'd rather worry for the battery than if the phone is on or not. :)

Also, this problem is not limited to galaxy ace.. A little searching with google revealed that there is even a class action lawsuit against Samsung because of the same problem in Samsung S models.

Hope it Help


Had the same problem. Solution: Boot into CWM/TWRP Bootmenu (pressing "Volume up" Key and Power Button) while starting the phone - and chose to clear "Dalvic Cache and Cache". Both will have no impact on your installed software or data. So it is quite safe to do.

After clearing reboot. The next restart will take a bit longer because these caches have to be rebuilt again. Solved my problem with random shutdowns.

Another possibility could be a dead battery. Especially if charging values change between full loading (100%) and after rebooting (90% or similar) ...

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