I would like to record interviews, edit them on a computer and include them in a podcast. There is a 'voice recorder app' built in, but the sound quality is awful, much worse than a dictaphone.

It also records in .amr format, but I want a lossless format (either, flac or wav).
I would also like to record up to an hour, which should be possible as the SD Card is nearly 4GB.

Is there a solution for this?

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You can use the TapeMachine Recorder (it's a paid app), it can record in high quality audio format. Here's the link to market


Also tape-a-talk works well and has a free version.



Is what I ended up using. It's ok for now.

  • This app hasn't been updated in 2.5yrs (last update was 2010-03 as of 2012-08), and I encountered some crashes under some circumstances (rotate screen, etc.)
    – ce4
    Sep 4, 2012 at 14:50

Dictadroid full or lite is also a good choice, here's the advertisment text from Google's play store:

Dictadroid turns your Android phone into a professional, high-quality dictation machine and voice recorder. Use it to record voice dictations, notes, meetings, music, or any other audio and share it via email, MMS, Box, or Dropbox.
Dictadroid is very simple to use and has many unique features, including:
- Pause/Resume while recording or playing
- Insert/Overwrite recording modes
- Record/Play in the background or while screen is off
- Save audio files in WAV format
- Share via email, MMS, Box, and Dropbox
- Bulk delete/share operations
- Assign new or existing photo to a recording
- Use in any orientation (Portrait/Landscape)
- Sort recordings by date or title

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