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Is there any undo command when editing any field

Today I just make a mistake when typing a text on a box over Android's browser and then I realise that I was missing the "back to past" CTRL+Z Microsoft Windows feature, which allows you to step back anything you made on Windows. So, there is such thing on Android OS?


The back button serves as Undo or Cancel (or Back) in many apps, but won't help with a typo in a text box, it's more likely to lose everything you've typed in there than undo the last bit of typing.

I don't believe that there's any standard, central Undo function in Android at the moment. As very few devices have a hardware keyboard, and many devices are starting to drop even the four hard buttons, I'm not sure how Undo could easily be invoked/shown to the user. Ctrl/Alt etc key combos obviously aren't practical on a soft keyboard on a 4 inch touchscreen, and I'm not sure how else it would be done except with a dedicated undo button on the phone or the soft-keyboard.

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