I have lost most of my contacts on the phone account, but they still exist in my telegram account. How can i move them to phone or export them?


It's very easy to transfer contacts from telegram account to your android smart phone: Just install a contact backup software from google store like "+contact backup" and after that make a back up from your contacts; it automatically collect all of your contacts from every account that you have on your phone: telegram,google,phone etc. after completing your back up you can import the created file to your phone or google account. it's finished

  • Can you please suggest any such app, with its link? I don't seem to able to find any such app with the particular functionality of backing up for each Account as you say.. – Gokul NC Aug 27 '16 at 16:02

For WhatsApp, here's a trick that might work, but you need to use WhatsApp Web to do that:

  1. Download your WhatsApp Contacts with the help of the bookmarklet here.
    (The contacts get exported as a CSV list)

  2. Now you can convert the CSV file to .vcf using some tools available..
    Here's a tool that you can try: CSV to vCard

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