I replied to an SMS but my message couldn't be delivered. I presume because the originating number wasn't a mobile number but the fixed line on the sender.

Now I'm getting that notification in the notification bar every 10 minutes or so. How can I get rid of it ?

"Message not sent - Touch to review the message and try again".

When I touch the notification, it opens the SMS app, with the threads list.

I deleted the message thread, tried to clear the cache, restarted the phone...

This was more than one week ago. I waited for the SMSC to give up trying to resend the message (after 3 days I believe). This is not a setting a network issue since I'm able to exchange SMS with other parties without problem.

It's the Android Messaging application version 4.4.4-37.

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I installed another SMS application (Handcent next SMS not to name it) and could access and delete the pending message (in Delivery Report / Undelivered).

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