I recently uninstalled and installed whatsapp on my samsung galaxy s2; and it started to restore my chats. I'm fine with my chats but after being done with the chats, it automatically started to restore the old media too, which would cause my phone to download a data of 2 gb. I want to stop it, but i cant find how to stop it. (It used to restore only messages before having the google drive backup)!!!

Thanks for any answer.

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So disconnecting the whatsapp from the google drive didnt exactly work out because my chats were also in that google drive backup.

However, here is how I was successful in restoring only the chats. (No media).

  1. Install Whatsapp and verify the number.
  2. Make sure your Data connection is active. WIFI should be OFF.
  3. Click on restore backup (Entire backup. Including Media).
  4. It will restore the chats first.
  5. Then it prompts that the media will be downloaded over Wifi. Click yes (or next) and it takes you to your profile name and then you have all your chats.
  6. At this point, go to google drive and disconnect whatsapp from the setting- manage apps.
  7. Connect wifi.
  8. It would try to restore the media but it would fail.
  9. It would ask you if you want to skip it.
  10. Click skip.

There you go. Only chats restored. No media.


I'm having the same problem. So far, the only working solution that I discovered is to disconnect WhatsApp from your Google Drive (during the restoration).

In a browser, go to your Google DriveSetting (the gear icon) → Manage Apps → look for WhatsApp Messenger → click Option next to it → click Disconnect From Drive.

The media restoration will stop.

If you don't want to restore your media, you don't need to use Google Drive. Disconnect WhatsApp from it (like shown above) before you begin to reinstall WhatsApp and it will restore your chat history (no media) from your local backup, which is located in ../WhatsApp/databases/ directory in your phone.



1st, just restore your whatsapp as usual + the media restoring.

2ndly, use pc, go to gdrive>Backups> right click on selected whatsapp backup, choose "Turn off backup". Gdrive will prompt you either tp delete backups file in gdrive, but u may choose Cancel so it stays there.

3rdly, go to your phone and force stop whatsapp.

now the media restoring will show fail status.


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I think you should try to follow this steps;

  1. Uninstall whatsapp
  2. Download apk from official site of WhatsApp
  3. Sign out google account from your phone
  4. Install WhatsApp, now it may ask for restore chats and media from SD card
  5. Click OK, you may get your chats and media restored which ever is on your SD card
  6. Done.

You could simply delete whatsapp, then delete your google account off your phone. So that when you install whatsapp it wont download the media but the chats only. Then link your account again and it wont download the media.


Open Google drive on your phone. Gear button>> settings>>backups. There you'll find WhatsApp backup with date mentioned. Tap on it and it shows details of backup. Use gear button beside it and delete that backup folder. That's it. Give your WhatsApp a force stop and open. You're done ✓


It's very simple and 100% working

  1. click restore your messages and wait for loading all the messages
  2. after chats has loaded turn off internet connection. Restoring media will now pause
  3. go-to settings , permissions, WhatsApp, and turn off the permission of storage.
  4. open WhatsApp the will say to set the permission on but you have to close that pop up window
  5. they will ask you to skip the restoration and its skipped but all messages will be loaded

That's it...


Drive store whatsapp media backup file as hidden mode follow this change in drive.

Delete or stop backups 1) Using a computer, go to drive.google.com.

2) In the top right, click the gear icon > Settings.

3) On the left, click Manage Apps.

4) Find "WhatsApp" in the list. Note: If your backup is large,

5) WhatsApp might take a few minutes to display.

6) Click Options > Delete Hidden App Data.


First step Dont open whatsapp. Make your device internal storage full. It will ask you try again or cancel (automaic cancel).


Go to Google settings app → Connected apps → check where WhatsApp is, then disconnect it.


Why dont you delete the media after it has been restored?

Media is located in WhatsApp\Media

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