By mistake I deleted the .EXT folder (which contains a file "su") from the system/bin folder of my Android device. Is it possible to use ADB to replace this folder? I have a copy of the Bin folder and would like to Push this to my Android device with ADB push or ADB sideloader.


let's say you want to push entire C:\framework dir into /system/framework

put yourself in parent dir C:

adb push framework /system/


framework dir will be created automatically, so don't enter i.e. "adb push framework /system/framework/" or it will create a framework subdir

also assume adb is in path

of course you need read write permission, so in case of read only /system precede

adb remount

There is only one file in that directory so you can rather do this:

adb shell su -c mount -o rw,remount /system  # remounts the system partition in read-write mode
adb shell su -c mkdir /system/bin/.ext       # creates the directory .ext under /system/bin/
adb push LOCAL_PATH/.su /system/bin/.ext/    # replace LOCAL_PATH with the path where your .su file resides in PC

If you still insist on pushing the folder, then create a new directory in PC and move .ext directory inside it. (We're doing this because adb pushes only the content of a directory). Afterwards, do:

adb shell su -c mount -o rw,remount /system
adb push LOCAL_PATH/NEW_DIR /system/bin/   # LOCAL_PATH/NEW_DIR is the path to the new directory you just made in PC

For both the cases: it appears that directory has full read-write permission from everyone, given the attributes rwxrwxrwx. However, make sure to change the attributes for .su to rwxr-xr-w. Do:

adb shell su -c chmod 755 /system/bin/.ext/.su

See Can't remount /system in rw if my remounting instruction doesn't work.

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