I tried to install Google Cardboard on Samsung Galaxy J7, but I found "No carrier Samsung SM-J700F". However, I see that Cardboard works in another phone (Google Nexus) with same SIM card.

What does "No carrier" mean? Why can't I install Cardboard?


It means that Google cannot retrieve the carrier info on your device. Some possible causes:

  1. The SIM card is not inserted, or inserted incorrectly/broken (can't use telephony feature)
  2. The SIM card is inserted correctly, but Google cannot identify it (e.g. an issue with Republic Wireless)
  3. The device doesn't have SIM card slot (e.g. tablet)

As far as I know, the text "No carrier" is only an informational text to identify which device you are choosing, and it's not an error message. I have installed some apps to my older phone without carrier, without any problems.

Regarding app installation, it may/may not affect the installation. Some apps are restricted to certain carriers (usually carrier's apps themselves).

For your specific case, since you've mentioned on other post that other device with same carrier could install Cardboard, but your device didn't, it means that the carrier is not the problem.

On the other hand, based on GSM Arena, Samsung Galaxy J7 doesn't have gyroscope, which is required for Cardboard.


This message appears when the developer has not made the app available to some users based on country or cell phone carrier restrictions.

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    But cardboard works in another phone(google nexus) with same sim card here. – lnman Jan 12 '16 at 14:34
  • Your source of info? – Firelord Jan 12 '16 at 21:01

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