I've tried three different tools, "My Backup Pro", "Easy Backup & Restore", and the backup/restore feature of "GO SMS Pro" to transfer my texts from one Android phone to a new one.

Regardless of what I use, after I've restored the backup to the new phone, all the restored messages within a group chat have been split up:

When I go to a group thread, it only shows the messages I sent. And the group chat texts other people sent get erroneously placed in the individual chat threads instead of the group chat.

Not sure if it matters, but the old phone is Android 4.1.2, and the new one is 5.1.1. Both are Samsung.

How can I transfer group chats without them getting messed up?

UPDATE: I tried using "Titanium Backup" but the results were...weird. When I use that, then "GO SMS Pro" finally reads the data correctly, BUT it can no longer send/receive texts at all and Android's built-in messaging app will immediately crash every time I try to run it. This is getting REALLY frustrating, nothing is working for what should be a trivial, basic function.

UPDATE 2: Found Samsung's "Smart Switch" app which worked corectly.

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