I've tried to use cm recovery to flash the Gapps package, but it can't find the zip. I get an error "invalid argument" I have tried flashing through ADB also, but once in recovery mode, the pc can no longer see the device ( nexus 6)

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    Have you tried with a different recovery? Try it now if you haven't. Which GApps are you using? From where have you downloaded it? – Firelord Jan 7 '16 at 20:48
  • If you need Gapps for CyanogenMod 13, chek please this link: cyanmod.pl/download/open_gapps-arm-6.0-nano-20151207.zip They should work – piotrek1543 Jan 7 '16 at 21:22
  • your installation might be broken, download latest Nightly-build, clear caches install Android 6.0 again, then for gapps use link above – piotrek1543 Jan 7 '16 at 21:24
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    I'm voting to close this question because CM nightly builds appear to be shipping with a nightly build of CM recovery (see it yourself) and issues related to nightly build of a software are not helpful to this site in long run. Refer to meta.android.stackexchange.com/q/2077/96277 for details. – Firelord Feb 26 '16 at 6:53

Best way: First, install TWRP because CWM doesn't support it, then wipe data and cache. Be sure to take a backup. Now install CM13 and GApps. Reboot and it will work smoothly.

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  • You didn't mention that TWRP also has stable and nightly builds and it is not free from bugs either. It would help if you provide the version of a stable build of TWRP meant for OP's device. – Firelord Feb 26 '16 at 16:47

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