I've started using Orbot on Android. Contrary to earlier versions on other OS's Privoxy is no longer used for proxying, instead Polipo is used now. While this is working, I require some of the filtering/regex-capabilities of Privoxy (as I found that Polipo apparently is caching only and does not have advanced filtering and page code rewrites via regexes).

As I knew (and ensured by a web research) Privoxy should in all cases be the first in the chain, the one all apps connect to.

As I do not want to break the "transparent proxying" feature of Orbot, I presumed that I have to set Privoxy's port to the original one of Polipo in order to keep the netfilter-rules created by Orbot functional.

I have, alas without success, tried to change the configuration (as root, of course) like so (in torpolipo.conf and Privoxy.conf):

  1. Change Privoxy's port to Polipo's original one (=8118), and Polipo's to a new one (arbitrary, I used 8119)
  2. Configure Privoxy to chain it with Polipo (on its new port, 8119 in my case) via SOCKS5

Unfortunately this does not work... but surprisingly not because the changes did not work, but because I did not even get a chance to test them - for some reason unclear to me the two files Privoxy.conf and torpolipo.conf always get reset to their original entries.

So, first question: Why is this?

I do not have any experience with modifying Android internals, although I do have a lot of Linux admin experience and am used to dig around in configuration files and change them, so I was rather surprised that my modifications where not permanent.

And second question: If the former is resolved, are my assumptions correct?

In other words: Has anyone successfully chained either Privoxy to Orbot via Polipo OR Privoxy directly to Orbot?

Note that while basically either solution is o.k., I do not require Polipo when Privoxy is running, so the second one would be even preferable, but I assume that Orbot requires Polipo (or does it?)

Thanks in advance :-)

(PS: Unfortunately neither of the tags "orbot", "privoxy" or "polipo" exists and I'm not allowed yet to create them...)

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