Do I have any option to use my Galaxy note 10.1 (2014 edition) as a secondary screen? I want it to use for photoshop, which runs on the pc, but i control it in the tablet. I know I can draw with the tab, and there are apps for drawing, and i've already used Sketchbook (Autodesk) but it has a lot of limits with the layers and brushes. I have already tried applications like "Splashtop" via internet but it was very laggy and I also gave a chance to "Slide" (cause of the USB connection) but the installation didnt work. I dont really trust apps which works via internet cause it might be very slow and laggy, and its a big deal in computer drawing, so i look for a solution which work via HDMI or USB cable. Do anyone has an idea how can I make it work?


You can try :

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