I have an app called "podcast" on my phone. unfortunately, when i try to open it, android closes the app because "it slows down my device" and gives me this notification: "Podcast was closed. to use it again, deactivate automatic start of the app".

I downloaded autorun manager to do this task, but it doesn't seem to work with my phone because it's unrooted and has a android-version which is too new.

what can i do to get my app running again?

I think it's an absolute joke that my phone deactivates an app automatically and i have to put so much effort into finding a solution.

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In most cases a startup manager does not require root to disable an app from startup unless the app is a system application. I am not too sure as to why autorun manager is requiring root, but I would suggest installing a different app to manage startup apps. In the past I have used Startup Manager to do this. Try this app and see if it fixes your issue.

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