I'm trying to root my Samsung S6, but I don't have a Windows computer. Luckily, JOdin works on Linux too and it connects to my phone, so I am now much closer to my goal.

But now I am facing a new challenge: JOdin says: "We could not obtain the pit file. We tried, but it didn't work." The CLI output of the JOdin's offline version reports the following (excerpt):

[VERBOSE]Heimdall Device detected!
[VERBOSE]Did not find pit
[INTERACTION][SHOWERROR] Title:Could not obtain pit.
Message:We could not obtain the pit file. We tried, but it didn't work. 

The JOdin support seems to consist of this 30+ page long forum post, which is why I hope to get more useful answers here.

  1. JOdin relies on the Heimdall package, and that one has a list of supported devices that does not include the S6. I suppose this is part of the cause of the problem. I use JOdin v1035 and Heimdall v1.4.0-0.
  2. Indeed, when I run only Heimdall, I succeed in connecting the phone but the PIT download fails; the only relevant log line is ERROR: Setting up interface failed!
  3. Full log output is here and here is the verbose output.
  4. The command sudo heimdall print-pit --verbose --stdout-errors --usb-log-level debug as suggested in comments produces this output which is beyond my skill to interpret.

I dare not download a "random" PIT file from the Internet; the risk of choosing the wrong one is too high, and those I've found are behind a sketchy-looking Vietnamese paywall. Google also pointed me to methods that rely on adb shell and requires root ... but having root is the goal I'm chasing right now.

How do I download the PIT from my phone?

Update: I've managed to root my phone using a Windows computer and therefore I no longer urgently need this working on Linux. I will probably need it the next time I have to fiddle with the phone (e.g. when an Android update is available) but for now I will abandon this challenge.


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