my problem here started about 2 months ago. i searched a lot for an answer before asking for help here. but didn't find anything. i'm from Iran. i used to be able to use google now and its cards before. but after my phone's crash, i gave it back to the company i bought it from. they reinstalled the ROM and fixed it. after that, i couldn't use google services anymore and not even able to save offline map in google maps ! every time i try to use it, it says "This account is not eligible to use google now"

do you guys have any idea for fixing it ?! i repeat, I was able to use it before.

my device: HTC ONE E8

Tnx a lot


It looks like the company has signed in on Android using another Google account different from yours. Follow the instructions here to add an account (so you enter the account you have always used on your phone) and switch it.

  • i've already logged into my own google accounts ( i have 2 accounts ). but it says the message i mentioned before. – Unknown Jan 14 '16 at 15:40
  • i also have another android phone which is rooted. right now, i tried to log into my google account on it to make it work on the other device which is rooted. i did every step like others do (using market unlocker and etc.). but it didn't work on that one too. so the problem is way deeper than i estimated. – Unknown Jan 14 '16 at 16:17

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