As I am not using an official version of cyanogenmod, I cannot restore my Data partition, that I was forced to wipe. I did the backup with TWRP thus, it is in the nandroid form. However, when I try to restore the Data partition, CM does not boot. As a workaround, I could mount (or extract) data from the nandroid, and place it in the storage/emulated/0/ directory.

The TWRP backup consists of files named data.ext4.win000 to win003, with a data.info and a recovery.log.

I already tried extracting the backup with Titanium, but it needs the donator's version to do that.

If it is necessary, I do have root access. I am on OS X, and my phone is SM-G800F kminilte. Since ext4 is compatible with Debian, I can use that as I do own one too.

A very tedious workaround would be to revert to stock ROM, flash the Data backup, get data and reflash CMmod, but that is something I want to avoid to do at all circumstances, unless there is no other way to do.

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