I'm using the red mi 2 and data transfer is taking place via wifi, problem is I don't know which app is using it. Is there a way to see wifi usage statistics?


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For even more detail, I recommend Trepn Profiler from the Play store. It's developed by Qualcomm and analyses CPU usage, Wifi and cellular data usage, and more.


Go to: Settings > Data usage – WIRELESS & NETWORKS

  1. Tap the right-top menu. It will open up a popup menu.
  2. Check *Show Wi-Fi usage.
  3. Go to Data Usage. You'll realize a new tab called WIFI is added nexto to MOBILE.
  4. There, you can see all apps that use WIFI and how much data they use.

screenshot screenshot screenshot
Visual how-to (source: TeckFront; click images for larger variants)

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