I haven't installed any screenshot applications, in fact my phone was recently wiped when upgrading to gingerbread. I have Gingerbread 2.3.4 and I use the GoLauncher homescreen. Samsung Mesmerize from US Cellular. I know they install bloatware but I've used this phone for months and it only did this after the upgrade to gingerbread (that I know of).

On occasion when I hit the power button the screen turns white and the phone vibrates, and I get a toast message saying "screen captured saved as image file" or something like that. Half the time the power button does that, half the time it turns off the screen normally. Right this second I couldn't replicate, it's very random and frustrating. What could cause this? I see no unusual running apps unless GoLauncher is doing this, and I see no setting related to this in their app.

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When you hold the Home key and tap Power, it takes a screenshot. Unfortunately sometimes lag causes the Home press to be delayed/extended, so if you press it and let go before hitting Power it will still happen sometimes.

The original SGS suffers from this issue as well, though it uses Home+Back. I would try the same workaround I propose in my answer to that question:

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Running Services and click on ScreenCaptureService to end it. You'll have to do this every time you boot up your phone, unless you get a task killer or can remove it somehow, though either of those may have other side effects.

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  • It appears to be the back key that does it on my phone, but that helps at least, thanks. A very annoying feature I never heard of... – Ben Brocka Sep 13 '11 at 23:10

It isn't the GoLauncher or the firmware. I am currently using a Samsung Mesmerized from US Cellular and mine also does it.

I have been looking for a solution also but found nothing. Some sites said wipe your screen, that doesn't work. Then others say there isn't a solution.

Best option I see as of now: When it does that press the back button once, wait a second, then press the power key.

And no offense to Matthew's post, but on the Galaxy Mesmerized the back key and the power key take screen shots, not the home key like on most HTC's.

Sorry I couldn't help -- I would like to solve it, too, it's very annoying.

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Hold your home button and your power button at the same time. Then hit the power button then it will lock it. It works just fine.

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