I want my Android device screen to open without requiring password. So I chose "none" option in Security settings. But, when I needed to add a VPN connection, it required me to provide a password, PIN, or a pattern for the screen. Thus, the option to add "none" unlock is disabled once a VPN connection is set (figure below).
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I want to know if there is a way I can override this security policy i.e. retain VPN connection but forego screen unlock password. The Android version is 4.2 and the tablet is rooted if it helps.

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A couple of ways (None of these tried by me)

To setup a VPN you are forced by the system to setup some kind of security.

This module is for all the users who don't want to be forced to use a protection, although using the services described above

If you are not familiar with Xposed, Xposed: The mighty Android tool box by @Izzy, would be very useful

  • VpnROOT-PPTP-Manager claims to do that, amongst other capabilities. App description says

    This application was designed to allow connection of a VPN server without having to use PIN or Pattern Lock-Screen in Android.

Edit: The first method did not work for me on 4.2.2 (tried after posting this answer).

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