I used google maps earlier today and now it won't close. I exited the navigation, even restarted my phone, and it's still showing as running in the background. How do I make it close? I have an LG V10.


I spent a long time trying to figure this out and then I accidentally solved it. When you hit the square button to see all the apps running you will see a "pin" next to the "x" which is what you would normally click on to close a running up. If that pin is highlighted the app keeps running. Just tap it to deselect it and then you can close the app normally.

I read a lot of crazy solutions that required rooting and other stuff. It turns out that things work they should I just wasn't aware of the pin button and what it did. I hope you find this useful


I went into setting, did a force stop and then at the top of the page there was a slider I turned to "off" and it fixed the problem.


On my android phone, I tap the home button and it takes me to the navigation app home page. Then I tap the back arrow and it gives me an dialog asking if I want to exit the app.

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    What you're describing doesn't sound like Google Maps. Is this some other navigation app? The question is specifically about Google Maps. – Dan Hulme Feb 26 '18 at 14:12

on my phone i swiped up from the bottom, which allowed me to see my home button(circle) which i could tap , then went to running apps(the square button on bottom row) and could then swipe sideways to close google maps

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