It looks like T-Mobile offers very cheap data-only plans, but these are only available for tablets. I have read that this is enforced by tracking your IMEI. I was wondering: Is it possible to change your phone's IMEI to a tablet's IMEI, to trick T-Mobile, so that you can get a data-only plan. Nobody really needs talk and text if they have data. Thanks!

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This would undoubtedly be a violation of T-Mobile's terms of service. To do so, though, you would need to create a custom ROM and modify the ro.serialno system property. Alternatively you could try to modify Build.java and pass in a different value to Build.SERIAL. It's unclear whether that's how T-Mobile is retrieving the IMEI number though.


I believe this does what you are looking for, [XPOSED] IMEI Changer & PRO [RANDOM IMEI Support]

You will need to your phone and install Xposed

  • The ways of can be founded by clicking on theses tags linked or by googling your device model and how to root it.

  • What is Xposed Framework For Android & How To Install It [Guide]

Keep in Mind This is in violation of T-Mobiles Terms of Services

Hopefully I have linked you to all necessary stuff for you to be able to change your IMEI Number

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