I'm currently using Nexus 6P with Marshmallow. I have not added other profiles on my device.

Why does my profile icon not share the same image used on my Google account? I recalled this working on an earlier android version (maybe Kitkat or Lollipop) but it only took effect after adding more users. I might be remembering this completely wrong, though.

Is there a way to make the image share what is already on my google profile?


My understanding is that this is controlled by the google+ app.

according to this xda thread try:

  1. Open Setting -> Apps -> All -> Contacts Storage -> Clear Data

  2. Open Google+ -> Settings -> Your account (under Account Settings) -> Contacts -> Keep contacts up to date

  • The more confusing thing to me is why, if I set up a new phone and restore from a backup, is this setting not already set. In fact why do so many apps (even from google) installed during a backup restoration on a new phone activation (or factory reset) act like "O hai new person! Leme explain stuff here" – dlamblin Feb 9 '17 at 11:36
  • 1
    I've just restored my Android 7.0 Moto 4G+ and I have the missing profile pic in the quick launch tray thing, but that option to sync contacts is now missing from the version of G+ I have installed! (AFAICT) – Ian Grainger May 13 '17 at 7:19

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