I'm in a situation where the Galaxy S3 I have is not connecting to Wifi (bug from Android 4.1). I would like to flash a new firmware. I am just confused on which one to use. Can I use any stock firmware as long as it has been made for the GT-I9300 or should I find one which is specific to the region of my phone?

If so, how can I detect the region of the phone?

Phone is unlocked and International version.


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  • You should use the latest firmware pertaining to your region and model only
  • Authentic source for all Samsung firmware is Sammobile. You will need to register(free) to download. If you want a faster download, there is a paid option. Make sure you select the right region
  • For detailed information on Samsung devices (including region as asked) Phone Info Samsung is highly recommended. Developer of this app has an active thread at XDA

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