Recently my LG Volt has started to freeze on my home page when I turn my phone back on. Will not open when I swipe or tap. I have to do a power off-restart in order to get it to work, and sometimes I have to do this several times before the swipe function will respond. I've tried removing the battery but even this only helps for a short time. Any suggestions on a fix or has anyone else experienced this?

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    Is this freezing on the lock screen or the launcher? It is a bit unclear. – Ethan Z Jan 24 '16 at 12:18
  • I think it is the launcher. I will be using the phone and close my home screen. Several minutes later, or longer I click my home button to wake up my phone, the launch page opens, but will not respond to tapping or swiping. – Patti Jan 25 '16 at 14:12

Since you confirmed it's the launcher, this isn't too bad of a fix.

Open settings, go to apps, then swipe to all. Scroll until you find an app called Laucher. This is actually your home screen. WARNING! This will erase your home screen. Take screenshots if you want to put it back to the way it was! Clear the cache and data of the app. Restart your phone. If this fixes it, congrats! Otherwise, you can try downloading a new launcher from the Google Play Store or factory reset the device.

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