How to undo app updates? I was on terraria while it was updating, after that I lost my character and my world! It says the save file of my character was created with a newer version and could not be loaded, help!


Nerd explanation: Look for the APK of the old version on a site like Apkmirror.com

If you didn't understand that here's the long version.

  1. Go to settings->security and check "Allow installation from unknown sources"
  2. Go to settings->apps->terraria
  3. Look for the version and write it down/remember it
  4. Go to Apkmirror.com and search for the app.
  5. Download the file with the version number below the one you wrote down.
  6. press on the confirmed download and click install

Note: This will only work with free apps.

Disclaimer: Installing APK files from the internet can be dangerous. Only install APKs from reputable sites.

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