When using the default dialer on Nexus, you can search contact with the T9 dialpad.

However, I can't seem to find a way to set the defaults for the numbers that come up for each contact. It doesn't look like the default number for the contact is being used. It ends up being very annoying to have to search for the contact and then click the contact avatar bubble and choose the right number.

Anyone know how does the dialer chooses the number to show? I tried changing the number I want it to show as the "Main" number for that contact, but it still chooses a different number from the numbers list (one that I never use)


To be more clear, I am talking about this number:

enter image description here

If the contact has multiple numbers, I can't choose what will end up in the dialer

  • I don't have a nexus. But I can set default by first visiting the contact in the app. Press and hold the number and select set default. I have the same dialer on CM12.1 I suppose. – NVZ Jan 27 '16 at 6:47
  • Like I wrote, it's a different default and it doesn't fix it – Michael Jan 27 '16 at 7:05
  • Which nexus device, and which version of Android? – mix3d Mar 9 '16 at 20:11
  • @mix3d Nexus 5 / 5X / 6 / 6P, latest Android – Michael Mar 10 '16 at 10:10
  • @Michael i think only way is using the search contacts above the favorite/speed dial instead of T9 – samnaction Mar 16 '16 at 11:40

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