I spent a night in the desert in Jordan and the next morning my phone was all wet and the screen went black. That was a few days ago, I'm home now and have bought a new phone (same one). I disabled Google Drive backup and want to access my numbers and photos and whatsapp messages and a couple of other things onto my new phone.

I spent a good two hours googling this question and found some good tips, none of which have worked so far.

  • My phone is a Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen
  • I can't see anything on the phone except for a 2mm purple(ish) bit on the top
  • I can turn the phone on (doesn't have screen-lock) and blindly click around. I managed to play a song on spotify for example yesterday
  • I can also turn on the torch or the camera by shaking or twisting the phone
  • I don't have USB debugging enabled
  • when I plug in my phone onto my PC, the device shows up but is empty, even when the phone is unlocked

Does it help to buy a OTG (USB) to try to access my phone that way? (for exmaple to turn on wifi) Or does it help to try to somehow enable USB debugging to try this: http://lifehacker.com/android-control-lets-you-use-your-handset-even-with-a-1594719124

Note: I've already checked with several questions from the broken-screen tag-wiki:

I'm not very tech-savy so please go easy on me.

Cheers for any help!!


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