i'm trying to send feedback on an app that crashes. I run the app, when it crashes i get a popup asking if i want to report it, which sends me to a Feedback form with:

  • email to use
  • Write your feedback text field
  • Include system logs checkbox

After feedback text is typed Enter key just adds a newline. There's no Send button to click on, so it seems there's no way to proceed...

I've tried different keyboard apps, no luck with google keyboard, swiftkey or even keyboard pro which has a setting to force enter key to validate on some apps.

Using playstore 6.0.5, android 4.2.2

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    Based on my experience, the "Send" button should be on the bottom of the dialog/screen. Perhaps your keyboard hid the portion of the screen? Could you provide a screenshot otherwise?
    – Andrew T.
    Jan 28, 2016 at 11:28

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Ah, found it at last:
Turns out the "send" button is the hardly visible white triangle in the top right...

enter image description here

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