When I open Link2SD, it asks to recreate mount scripts: I use ext4. After a reboot, when I open the linked application, it gets stuck and black screen till reboot.

I use ext4 as the 2nd partition, but it shows ext2 in Link2SD, and all my applications are now stuck.

mount: mounting /dev/block/vold/179:98 on /data/sdext2 failed: Device or resource busy

How to fix this?


check with mount the mount points for /dev/block/vold/179:98 . umount the according mount points to free the device. Beware there could be damage if you interrupt a writting process

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is the 2nd partition mounted by Android itself? if yes then try to unmount it in the Android System settings and after that create the mountscript by link2sd again. That helped my, but after rebooting I have to do it again.

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