My phone is locked, as explained here.

Since I can't find the password, I want to backup my data before a reset. I've just installed Android Studio and Samsung USB driver.

  • Boot my phone on "apply update from ADB" mode.
  • Open Windows CMD, run adb.exe devices
  • It list my device as sideload mode

How can I pull my data now??

Is there a way I can backup my data before a reset and without voiding the warranty??


I know this is a very old question but as there is no answer I post this one.

Just had a similar problem. Look at this: https://www.howtogeek.com/240655/how-to-copy-twrp-android-backups-to-your-pc-for-safe-keeping/

remember to take out the "Enable MTP" option in the "Mount" Section of TWRP.

Edit: Just re-read your question, I guess you didn't have TWRP installed. Not sure how to solve your original issue. In case you have TWRP installed or manage to somehow do so then my answer still stands

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  • Don't even know what TWRP is. – Pedro77 May 4 '17 at 23:45

No, in "sideload mode" you can only apply updates via adb sideload filename.zip, no other ADB commands are available, except adb devices of course.

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