Hello to every Android lover.

I'm trying to "Create Nandroid Backup w/Custom Recovery" as shown on the attached pic called "2016-02-02_14-12-02.png" with the "Nexus Root Toolkit 2.1.4". The process starts without problems,but it stops when it reaches the Recovery Mode. In this stage,it is able to detects my device,as shown on the pic called "2016-02-02_14-05-35.png",but then the backup process doesn't start. I read a lot of tutorials and they said to check if there is a yellow mark on the "Device Manager" of my operatyng system "Windows 10". As shown on pic called "2016-02-02_14-06-42.png",everything works fine. I'm not sure that everything works fine,because the pic called "2016-02-02_14-04-41.png" shows the reason because the backup process can't continue. I suspect that "Windows 10" is responsable for this behaviour. Infact,as shown on the pic called "2016-02-02_14-08-20.png",everytime that I attach and detach the cable that connects the usb port of the tablet to the usb port of my PC,two windows appears and I think that they could interfere with the communication between the tablet and the PC,but I'm not sure. I have also tried to install the "CWM recovery" instead of the "TWRP recovery",but the first has been removed and the second one has been reinstalled and the problem is not fixed. Can you help me ? Thanks.

Attached pictures :






  • Is there a good reason you don't want to take nandroid backup of device manually, by booting into a custom recovery? – Firelord Feb 2 '16 at 13:56
  • no. just want to understand why it doesn't work using this way. also because the nexus root toolkit is an handy tool. I like to use it. – Marietto Feb 2 '16 at 17:28

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