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How do you change the language on Google Play? I'm American, so I want it in English. I live in Luxembourg, have a Lux SIM card and bought my phone in Thailand and yet the Google Pay Topics are all in Italian. I lived in Italy years ago but I'm not using anything that I got in Italy. I've tried clearing the cache on the app, but I get the same thing and it's also on my laptop, which I purchased recently in Lux as well. It's really annoying. How can I change it? Please help.

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I guess you need to change your account language to English. To do so, you have to log in to your Google Account, click on Language & Input Tools and change your language to English (United States)


You can change the language for Gmail, Docs, Drive, Search, Calendar, and other Google products with a single setting in your Google Account.

  1. Go to your Google Language settings page.
  2. Select edit.
  3. Select your language and country.

If you’re changing the language on a mobile device, you should also change the language for the device in your device settings.

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