I would like to enjoy of NTFS support for my Android device. The USB-OTG Helper app and also this patch - sdcardfs.ko couldn't help with that.

With regard the patch sdcardfs.ko, I have done all the given instructions successfully, but when I do su -c "insmod /system/lib/modules/sdcardfs.ko", I get error Invalid argument. I would happy about this method if it worked for me. So, it will be great if you know how I can fix this error.

My device configurations are as bellow:

  • Device model: HUAWEI G630-u10
  • Android version: 4.3
  • Kernel version: 3.4.0+ (Stock Rom)
  • Device is Locked
  • Device is rooted by KingRoot app

Other solutions available but not interested:

  • Paragon USB plugin for Total Commander (I am not interested in this method because I want NTFS support to the Android kernel so that I can access NTFS-formatted sdcards from within my favorite file manager.

  • [Paragon exFAT, NTFS, HFS+][3] and Ntfs Mounter - 'Play Store' knows these apps incompatible with my device. So, I cannot use these methods too.

Appreciate if you help to fix the problem using sdcardfs.ko patch as already mentioned above or introduce me other alternatives.

Update: As a new try, I unlocked my device bootloader, installed TWRT and SuperSU (instead of using KingRoot method); but I'm still getting error Invalid argument when trying to load the sdcardfs.ko. So, my device configuration has changed to:

  • Device is Unlocked
  • Device is rooted - SuperSU installed.

Check out the dmesg.

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