I'm using Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 5.1 Lollipop. I found Google Now in settings and I decided to check what is it. Now settings interface has changed and I don't know how can I replace Google Now back to TouchWiz.


If you're on 5.1, it could be: System Settings --> Default Applications --> Home. Select touchwiz and press the home key. Hope this helps.

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  • Now settings are: <Search & Now> Accounts & privacy, Search language, Voice, Phone search, Now cards, About. <Home screen> App suggestions(boolean option). – Ufx Feb 5 '16 at 3:00

Uh, I'm not entirely sure what the question is so just tell me if I'm wrong. If you pull up Google Now launcher under the apps section of settings there should be a button titled "clear defaults." If you select this it should ask you which launcher you want to use next time you close an app. You can also install a different launcher and the same thing will happen but the other way should be easier.

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  • Settings has changed. I can't find apps section. Are there open source launchers? – Ufx Feb 5 '16 at 3:05
  • It looks like you're pulling up the wrong settings app. Try opening it through the quick settings bar. I assume so, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. I know Nova Launcher has a free version. Sorry for the late answer, I just got a notification a few minutes ago. – Teddy H Feb 6 '16 at 5:03

I had this issue, open up Google Play, search for Google Now Launcher, select uninstall and it will revert back to Touchwiz interface

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