I suddenly have a new strange symbol on my S6 Edge screen and have no idea what it is but if I touch it, it locks my phone up. The only way I can get it unlocked is by swiping the edge. I'm able to move it around but it appeared while away from and charging my phone so I wasn't accidentally playing around with settings or anything. It appears like a remote perhaps.

What is it?

Edit: I'm with Bell, using version 5.1.1 and have attached an enlarged a screenshot (it's the same size as a Messenger Chat Head).

remote icon

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    Can you edit your question to include a screenshot please? Also, what Android version are you using?
    – LJD200
    Feb 4 '16 at 20:40
  • Thank you for your replies. I always have Hotspot off, I double checked to be sure and it is off. It did randomly disappear for a few hours and then reappeared again for a time. Feb 5 '16 at 1:04

Based from a thread on Android Central, it's an icon from Peel Smart Remote app.

uestraven recommended to disable the app to remove it.

[...]. I just figured it out. It's Peel Smart Remote app. You have to disable it.

It seems the icon was added on the latest update as IAmSixNine wrote,

I updated the Peel Smart Remote app on my GS6 and after I rebooted the phone, it showed up on mine as well. Pretty annoying if you ask me that they did that. I don't and have never used the app and for them to update the app and then force that on me is pretty lame.

screenshot with overlay icon

Screenshot on Galaxy Note 4, courtesy of Realityhurts82


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