How to show text on dock icons, Android 5.1.1?

Android 5.1.1

CyanogenMod: 12.1-20151230-NIGHTLY-maserati

Searched all over and can't find a solution:


What do you suggest?

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The feature you're looking for has nothing to do with Android version or ROM's build running on the device. Labels for dock icons is a feature of the launcher app you're using. Every ROM has one launcher at least. CM comes with Trebuchet. I couldn't find support of labels for dock icons in that launcher under the latest snapshot (YOG7DAO1K6) for bacon. I also tried with Xposed GEL Settings with no success.

If you want that feature badly, consider changing your launcher app.

I'm aware of the following launchers having that have said feature:

  • Slim Launcher of SlimLP (SlimROM) -- Feature accessible from Settings → Dock. Uncheck "Hide icon labels" there.

    I have SlimLP installed as a secondary ROM so it was easy for me to obtain the apk of Slim Launcher.

    (Click image to enlarge)


  • Nova Launcher -- Feature accessible from Nova Settings → Dock → Icon layout → Label.


  • Thank you, Firelord! This is an excellent response! I had no idea that a "launcher" was involved. Now I know. Thanks, again! Feb 6, 2016 at 20:33

You have to simply long press somewhere on the home screen. It opens a screen to edit the home screen which shows wallpapers, widgets, settings, apps. Click on the 3 dots (the one that looks like a triangle when connected). Go to home screen settings or drawer settings(depending upon your need). Then change icon labels from hide to show.

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