In the Google Maps app the compass of my Xperia V (model identifier: LT25i | codename: Tsubasa) doesn't work properly anymore (only 180 degree flips).

To be more precise the compass already stopped working in Google Maps a while ago when I still was on CyanogenMod 11 M12. At the beginning everything was fine then it suddenly stopped working (I assume due to some update of the Google Maps app... unfortunately I can't tell any exact version number).

I hoped it would work again after updating to Android Lollipop (custom ROM based on CyanogenMod 12.1) but it didn't (even after a complete wipe and reinstalling).

I guess the problem is not due to a hardware failure because I tested it with two different Xperia V phones and the problem occurs with both of them.

In other apps the compass works as it should (OsmAnd, GPS Status & Toolbox) but in Google Maps it only makes 180 degree flips which makes orientation very difficult. I've found a lot of similar complaints on the net regarding other phone models (as early as 2011) like this one but couldn't find any useful information regarding my case.

Does anyone experience the same problem? And more importantly, does anyone know a workaround or something?

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