I have Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G540H lollipop version 5.0.2, rooted... I have also Titanium Backup Pro and ES Root File Explorer... Stock Memo App has limit to characters per each unit, I think 1500 characters...

1- Can I modify or edit something in files with ES Editor to make Memo App support more than that limit?!!

2- I went to root/data/data/com.samsung.android.app.memo but I didnt find where that "limit of 1500 characters" is written to edit it...

3- Also concerning Memo App... one can only each Memo alone share via bluetooth, one can't select all then share via bluetooth.

PS: I am familiar a little with .xml files and csc features

Thanks a lot in advance for everyone :)


I would suggest you to use "Keep" app ( Google app ), It's just same like memo and the advantage of using it is that it is synced with your google account too so you can access note in it from all of your devices and desktop too.

I will be still search for extending the limit of memo for root users if there's. Thanks!

  • Can you prove that it doesn't have a "limit of 1500 characters"? – Firelord Feb 8 '16 at 20:24

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