We have a 2015 Moto G that's less than 2 months old, and already exhibiting all the symptoms shown in this forum thread:

  • Home button doesn't work when in an app, but does work in application switcher (only)
  • Notification curtain pulls down with no notifications, even when I should have some. Can't pull down again to get quick settings, or tap on user icon to swtich
  • I can set up screen lock but it doesn't actually work. It never times out to lock, and isn't locked after a reboot (not using Smart Lock)

These symptoms don't seem like they should be connected but it's the exact same set as that other thread -- which is about a totally different phone! What on earth is going on here? Is there any way to fix it without a full factory wipe/reset?

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    Just to follow up, we did do the factory reset eventually, and the symptoms went away. I later read that this may have been a symptom of a flaky microSD card installed in "app mode" (not "storage mode"). We have since bought a replacement (faster!) card, formatted in app mode, and the problem has not recurred. – James B Oct 10 '16 at 18:44

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