I want to quickly try some Javascript code on Android phone.

I cannot find how to open console or something similar on either Chrome or default browser. about:debug doesn't do anything, and I don't want "remote debugging".

I can download another app if necessary (but I don't want to root my device).


That feature seems to be unavailable for all major android browsers.

You could try Opera-mini instead:

  1. Reset the console output by opening a new tab with the address debug:resetconsole Reset output
  2. Open a tab on the page on which you want to do the inspection: example.com
  3. Run JavaScript code on the page by replacing the address in the address bar with the following address javascript:var%20n%3Ddocument.firstChild%3Bwhile%28n%20%26%26%20n.nodeType%21%3DNode.ELEMENT_NODE%29%20n%3Dn.nextSibling%3Bconsole.log%28n.outerHTML%29%3B
  4. Retrieve the output by opening a new tab with the address debug:console Output
  • Opera mini... that is a name I haven't heard in a long time. Apr 23 at 5:48

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