I tried to transfer files (of extension PPT, DOC, MP4 and so on) from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to my laptop (Windows 10; tried on two laptops from Dell and Lenovo). Once I plug the USB cable I can see both device storage and card storage and I can sometimes (let's say 1 out of 3) browse the folder. When I try to copy the file from that mobile folder into my laptop mobile, it works 1 out of 10 times! Most of the time explorer freezes or it starts to browse the folder (i.e. the path bar is progressing but never ends).

I installed USB drivers on my laptop. I even installed Kies but then Kies itself launches explorer and loops.

Please do not tell me to use Wi-Fi as I am in a hotel with very poor connection and I am using my 4G phone to actually download files and then (I thought that would be easy) I was thinking to transfer those files to my laptop through USB cable.

Actually, what is working is: I plug the cable, I go into the folder and select the file. Then I unplug the cable but I keep the explorer opened. Then I plug again and at that time I right-click, copy the selected file and then I am able to paste it in a laptop folder. Yes, that is working. But I would not do that for all the files I need to transfer.

There should be a simple way, right?

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