So the question is simple: I'm looking for a way to create a shortcut in notification dropdown that, when tapped, leads me to a set activity of an app. The activity in question is "Running Services" from Settings, if that matters.

Additional requirements:

  • The notification has to be permanent in order to prevent it from being cleared.
  • The notification has to be of lowest priority to not make it interfere with normal notifications (i.e. always display below them).
  • Optional - GUI for choosing the activity I intend to start.
  • Optional - customizable notification text and icon.

Back in Android 5.x and lower, this (excluding the optional requirements) can be realized with the combination of Bar Shortcut and NotificationManager (Xposed), the former grants access to the activity I want, while the latter sets its priority. However, in Android 6.0+, the default App Management interface has been modified, and the previous activity no longer points to "Running Services" which is now hidden in Developer Options.

Bar Shortcut is a very old app and I can't expect it to be updated to match the changes. Other apps that create notification shortcuts focus on the basic toggles or an app in general (not its activities).

Note that I am aware that apps like Nova Launcher and More Shortcuts allow you to generate shortcuts to activities on your homescreen, however I don't want any icon to clutter up the homescreen, nor do I want to change my current launcher.

Thanks in advance for any useful answers.

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