I have done this before. I took some photos with my Motorola Moto E. I went to the Gallery App. I selected the images. I clicked on the "upload icon" and selected the Google Drive icon. The app gave the files/folder a name. I clicked the SAVE selection on the bottom of the phone's screen. I received a message that said the files were being uploaded. I am in a library with WiFi that is working. My phone is connected to that WiFi source.

I am also logged in to my Google account on a computer. I checked my Google Drive App. It is associated with my Google account online. It is the only account on my phone.

My files showed up like they always do when I upload something on my phone. But, when I look at the computer, the files are not there. Usually they appear on the computer in my Google Drive at this point.

I tried uploading individual files one at a time. This did not work either. I tried refreshing the browser many times. The computer is using Google Chrome. I am not getting any error messages or notifications on my phone or the computer. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wifi on my phone.

Why aren't my files appearing on the computer in Google Drive? The sync/upload appears to work on my phone. But, the files don't appear on the computer. I want to download them to the computer so I can use an image editing program with them.

  • did you ever get an answer to your question? i've had the same problem. last week i uploaded a bunch (few hundred) images to google drive. it worked great, and the status was constantly updated on status bar on my phone. today i went to upload more (maybe 50) to that same folder. a brief message 'uploading images to drive' flashed for a second, but then no more status updates or status bars. images never showed up to my drive. also, when i tried again, and went to select a different folder, the image filenames were all there in the list, with status 'uploading' but no status bar, and everythin – user178144 Jul 24 '16 at 2:51

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