OS: OxygenOS version 2.2.0
Android version: 5.1.1
Phone Model: ONE 2005 [OnePlus 2] (Build number: One A2005_14_151211)

When I connect to a Secured Wifi network that requires that I "Accept" some sort of agreement, normally I would click on "Sign into Wi-Fi Network", which pops up on my status screen and then I would "Accept" the agreement. Now when I click on "Sign into Wi-Fi Network", all I see is a screen with a big circle around a lock. I can't tap on anything on this screen, except exiting out. If I exit out, I am taken back back to my homescreen and not connected to the internet. All that happens is that "Sign into Wi-Fi Network" appears in my status screen again. If I click on it again, I go right back to the lock screen.
I feel stuck in this:
for (a = 0; a < wifisuccess.length; a++) {
I can't be the only 1 having this problem...Or maybe I am? Any insight would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


(First of all, I now realize that I can't type Javascript code as a joke and have it show up properly. I also learned that I need to add Line breaks if I want things to show up. Good to know. If you're confused, the above code was supposed to imply a LOOP on my situation..har har har.)

Upon further investigation, I saw Option Dots on the top right on that screen with the big lock on it [DUH!]. I tapped the Option Dots, which brought up a menu with the following 2 options:

  1. "Do not use this network"
  2. "Use this network as is"

I selected "Use this network as is"

After doing this, I am taken back to my home screen as before. This time, the "Sign into Wi-Fi Network" option is no longer on my status screen and I am still not connected to the internet when I tried to access my email, Facebook, etc.


SUCCESS! I did the same steps as I mentioned in the Edit to my Question:

1. Touch "Sign Wi-Fi Network
2. Touch the Option Dots
3. Touch "Use this network as is"

I then did 1 additional step:

4. Manually open a browser window (Chrome)


5. Now I was given the screen where I was able to "Accept" the terms and log into the network. Internet for all Apps/items on my phone now worked.

[Note: After this worked, I rebooted my phone and tried doing the above steps again to make sure this solution worked again and it does.]

I feel like somewhat of a bonehead for not noticing the Options Dots, but the fact that I have to manually open a browser after connecting to the network was a valid thing for me to overlook.

Hopefully this solution helps someone in the future.

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