I'm trying to connect to a wifi network using 4 phones.

1 phone uses Android 4.2.2, and the others are using Android 6 and 5.0.1.

The one with the Android 4.2.2, everything's work fine.

On the others, I get an exclamation mark next to the WiFi icon on the status bar, and no communication.

Are there any WiFi restrictions between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.0.1, 6?

  • Check the 5.1/6.0 phones to see if static IP is set up on them by long-pressing on the network, and selecting modify network. It will look like this: (except you're on 5.1 & 6.0)
    static ip
  • Turn off WEP/WPA on your router and see if it solves the problem
  • If it does, set up a new WPA2 Personal with AES (not TKIP!) for maximum compatibility.
  • Turn off WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) on your router. (It's hardly a security feature more of an annoyance. It just exposes the location of the router because everyone has to click the button to connect.)
  • Check your DHCP settings to make sure nothing looks foul.

That is all I can think of. Hope one of them does the trick!

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