I have Arch linux installed and have installed android-tools(so fastboot and adb commands are available).

Because I had a problem with kingroot I needed to flash the phone to stock.

I had stock firmware downloaded and extracted it to see the sin files inside it.

I flashed partitions using these commands :

fastboot flash system system.sin
fastboot flash userdata userdata.sin
fastboot flash cache cache.sin
fastboot reboot

Now the first two succeeded but the third one failed saying partition not found(guess I don't have cache partition for some reason).

After that I got stuck in a boot loop.

Normally sony Xperia P boots with Sony word and then to Xperia word(which blinks) and then to android but it's stuck in the Sony word.

I tried powering off the phone and flashing the boot partition using this command :

fastboot flash boot kernel.sin

rebooted, the same problem.

I tried to flash FOTAKernel but I don't seem to have this partition.

I tried also fastboot reboot-bootloader and then reboot but the same.

I've read the boot-loop wiki, both Safe mode and recovery mode are unreachable.

I would try to flash the other .sin files But I don't know to what partition they belong and google didn't help me to get this information :3 .

So what to do ?


I forgot to mention that I tried to flash .ftf file using FlashTool, this tool didn't work, I click the lightning bolt, I chose the Flash mode, I choose the .ftf file(after putting it in ~/.flashtool/firmwares), after clicking ok it tells me to plug my device in fastboot mode.

I click Volumne Up while plugging the device and I see the blue(somewhat purple) Led light on.

I wait and wait and even when Flashtool said "Device connected in fastboot mode" it doesn't do anything but telling me to plug my device :3 .


Sony xperia P runing android 4.0.4, bootloader is unlocked but the phone is not rooted nor has custom recovery(so no CWM or TWRP here).

  • Have you tried flashing the .ftf file using Flashtool? You can select the partitions that you wish to flash in that tool. Also, if you're on Unlocked bootloader, you can flash custom recovery with fastboot flash recovery recovery.img command
    – Manu
    Commented Feb 20, 2016 at 3:26
  • @Manubhargav yes I tried Flashtool, about custom recovery my phone isn't officially supported by neither TWRP nor CWM, I found an article on xda developers about TWRP for my phone, unfortunetly it needs a working root phone. If you know of a custom recovery that I can flash even with the situation my device in , I'd appriciate it .
    – niceman
    Commented Feb 20, 2016 at 9:34
  • @Manubhargav anyway what will custom recovery do if I can't even boot into recovery mode :3
    – niceman
    Commented Feb 20, 2016 at 9:36

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I have found the answer.

FlashTool worked after using Flashmode, it wasn't working because of my mistake, I was plugging the device in fastboot mode instead of flashmode.

After I flashed it it works great.

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