I've a Micromax A74 with (rooted) Android 4.2.2. Recently I've faced the crashing of some application and started to analyze the usage of RAM.

Settings>Apps>Running is not helpful:


Sometimes I found only 2 MB free!

I want to know which applications are consuming the memory?

I've also tried top -n 1 -m 8:


But I can't figure out the top applications which cause for lowering the RAM.

On GNU/Linux I can run top -n 1 -o %MEM which displays the applications that consuming most of RAM but such feature isn't available with /system/bin/top or busybox top.

So, How do investigate which applications are consuming a lot of memory? so-that I can force-stop them.

Note: Don't suggest any app like ram booster, it is the different question.


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It seems you wanna order by ram usage, I believe that is

top -n 1 -m 25 -s rss 

But I get it from your question. Thanks.

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