I am using Xiaomi Redmi 3. All of a sudden, I found it continuously displays 'Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped'.

It happens so often, that I can't do any other work. I uninstalled that, then installed again from play store. But after installing, again that error message shows up

What can I do?


Are you using a custom rom, if so flash twrp and do a factory reset. i had the same issue and did every thing but doing a factory reset fixed the issue. do a back up in twrp first just incase.


I faced this problem last two days ago and was pulling my hair out of this since none of the solutions found from internet are worked.

I solved by using this way:

  1. Check your android version
  2. Download playstore again, make sure your android version support the google play store apk.

If your Google Play Services Has Stopped. You can short out your problem by following this steps:

  • Restart your device
  • Wi-Fi and Mobile data - Ensure that there is proper internet connection on your device.
  • Clear Google Play Services cache and data
  • Remove Google Services Framework cache and data
  • Update Google Play Services
  • Factory data reset

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