My Samsung Galaxy S5 tells me I have insufficient storage to update apps. Looking at the storage menu, I have enough space, and it will work if I clear the cache through the storage menu. This is only a temporary fix, though. I had 21 updates this morning and I had to clear the cache 6 times just to update them. Looking on Google I found many people suggesting accessing the SysDump menu and deleting the dumpstate/logcat to fix this issue. However, everyone says to dial *#9900# in the dialer to access this. This does not work on my phone, maybe because I have Android 5.0, and most of these articles and posts were written years ago. How can I access the SysDump menu?

Or is there a better solution for this? I only have 512MB free of 16GB, however, most apps are <30MB. I see 5.56GB in Miscellaneous files though when I look through them they add up to 105MB.


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Keep in mind to update apps it needs something like 3x the actual size. Not sure why you want a sysdump/logcat as your only real solution is just to clear space from device. Install an app like DiskUsage that allows you to see how the space is being used and start clearing up space.

As to your actual question if you need a logcat, enable developer options (settings/about and tap 3+ times build number), enable adb and use logcat command through the pc using adb.

Also through adb you can you can run adb shell and dump dmesg (kernel log).


download CM LITE and scan junk files. It cleares up all the cached data, unnecessary residuals. Check if you have any previous obb files of games uncleaned.. if you are a gamer. If that didn't work, set file manager to reveal hidden files and check every folder for misc. files. hope this helped..

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