I bought this brand new J5 yesterday, but I'm stuck with a internet connection problem.

The thing is that the wifi connection worked properly on the store and at some other places, but in my home it connects to the wifi but I don't seem to have any network (I open the browser but can't access any url). All others devices that I have in my house work very good (other Android devices).

I'm assuming then that :

A) The J5 is working properly (as I can connect it at another places) ;

B) The wifi in my home is working properly (as others devices connect to it AND can access any url).

It's correct to say that I may be facing than some kind of compatibility issue, between J5 and my wifi ?

If yes, what could I do to solve it ? I was digging many hours yesterday on the web to find a solution for this but nothing worked so far. By the way, all "J's" devices seems to have a lot of these issues !

Thank you.

  • Indeed that might be a compatibility issue. I vaguely remember there was something similar in the past with some devices concerning encryption. Check what your router's WiFi is set to here. It might be WEP (unlikely and insecure), WPA, WPA2 or – and that might be the issue here – WPA/WPA2 (i.e. let the client chose). Some devices had trouble with that choice; so if it's set this way in your case, it might be worth trying to fix it to either WPA or WPA2. – Izzy Feb 26 '16 at 10:30
  • If you had previously made changes to the settings to the router to only allow selected devices, then you might need to add the new device as well. The same thing applies if you setup a only allowed device firewall on your network. – losethos Sep 11 '20 at 14:42

My dual sim Samsung J5 has problems after restart to find the Provider Connection, so i can't take the calls. The solution to fix this: after every reboot, start your both sim cards, after that you cabt ake calls again and turn of 1 card if u want to save the battery. You have to do this after every phone reboot. It's easy but importend to knowt this solution.

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